Season 2 of Creative How was an awesome experience for us, mainly because we learned so freaking much from our guests.

The season recap episode covers the commonalities we’ve observed across the array of creatives we’ve interviewed. (That list of traits is below.) Also in the episode are a few important learnings about running the podcast itself. And at the end of the episode, we talk about our favorite moments from Season 2...and, yes, we tease our guests for Season 3. Get pumped!

Commonalities Across Creatives


Most creative endeavors involve taking a plunge, facing risks, and putting yourself out there for others to judge. We found that courage might have been the most consistent and significant trait across all of the fantastic creatives we interviewed in Season 2. In particular, Chef Catina Smith and Union Craft Brewing Co-Founder and Creative Director Jon Zerivitz impressed us with their courage. Cat has actively and positively brought attention to the need for equality in kitchens all over the country, and Jon showed us what it takes to turn a dream into a business and a brand.


Creatives are often seen as free spirits or people guided first and foremost by imagination. But that’s only one side of the coin. Many of our guests cited discipline as the thing that has driven their success. Emmy-winning writer Greg Garcia gave us one of the best tips we’ve ever gotten when he described the three-pronged list he uses to make his master plan a reality. Then there’s illustrator (and much more) Joyce Hesselberth, who had the discipline to develop the new skills she needed to become a children’s book author and then an app developer. Her work ethic and discipline were absolutely awe-inspiring.


Vision is a multi-faceted one, but something we encountered in quite a few discussions. Illustrator David Plunkert has carved out a distinct space for himself by staying true to the idea of a timeless aesthetic. This visionary approach has enabled him to continually work across decades and disciplines, creating amazing work for brands, magazines, websites, bands, events, and the list goes on. Footwear Design Guru Dave Dombrow has created signature shoes for some of the world’s greatest athletes, and he always starts with a story. This vision enables him to connect the product to something bigger and design every detail to help articulate that story.


Keeping your heart and mind open to a new calling or simply a new direction can be an important “unlock” for creatives. Author Jessica Anya Blau began her career without a true goal in mind, dabbling with writing and tapping into past experiences to shape stories. As time went by, she simply kept at it, finding what regimen worked best for her. Today, she’s the author of multiples novels and a non-fiction book that is being made into a TV show. Self-taught photographer Devin Allen didn’t even think about photography until he was in his twenties. For Devin, the rise of Instagram coincided with a new interest in the arts as well as some extremely important social issues in his hometown of Baltimore. Devin ended up documenting a social movement in Baltimore with his camera, opening up a whole new world of opportunities.