One of the first steps in the podcast development process we were most excited for was the development of our branding suite. We knew the branding needed to work on a few different levels and at varying scales across digital and social channels. Oh, and by the way, we might want it look hot on a hoodie (dare to dream!).

The little icon in your podcast playlist is prime real estate and the spot where a large part of the first impression of Creative How would be developed. Small space, big deal. To set ourselves on the right track we developed a “mini brief” for ourselves.


Develop a branding package for a podcast that takes an intimate look at the process high-level creatives use to “create.”


Male/Female of any age looking to break into a new creative field or looking to develop better processes in their current field.


To stand out from other podcasts and to be simple in name, thought, and logo. Make it easy for them to understand the idea so that they want to try it out.


• Creativity is a building type of process; it doesn’t (always) happen by chance.

• Creativity can be free flowing but also an organized process. They are two parts of a whole.

• Not corporate or overly serious.

• Readable.


Download and Listen!

Simple, right? A ton of ways we could take this, and I wanted to explore them all! To do that I typically start with sketch pad and pen (the analog kind). Objective here is speed. Knock out as many “brain farts” as possible in a short amount of time. Pro Tip: don’t rule out the efficacy of a long drive, a hot shower, making your kids’ lunch in the morning, or an hour or two of mowing grass to get the ideas flowing. That stuff’s never failed.

Next, identify the ones you feel deserve more massaging or exploration and take those into Adobe Illustrator. (The reason here being, Illustrator visuals are scalable, meaning they retain their image quality at any size, and are generally the best option for reproducing any and all marketing materials from embroidered patches on apparel to vinyl stickers, etc. Photoshop images are built to a specific resolution and aren’t particularly forgiving if you scale up more than 15-20% past that. Also, the files sizes can also be so large that they can become prohibitive.)

 From my initial sketches I zeroed in on three directions. See below for my AI working art boards:

Logo desktop 1

Logo desktop 1

Logo Desktop 2

Logo Desktop 2

Logo Desktop 3

Logo Desktop 3

Having developed the three directions to almost 90% of completion, we thought it would be a good idea to “focus group” people from our target audience and get their take on which logos spoke to them and why. Now, we use the term “focus group” loosely in this context because it mainly consisted of trusted friends and family. However, this is not unlike how design firms and corporations conduct new branding or a rebranding project even though the real-world scenarios obviously would involve a larger sample set and a more refined response mechanism. But, hey, you work with what you got! I think I speak for Jed when I say, at this point in our relationships, these people have no reason to spare our feelings.

Below is a summary of the feedback we received for each logo:

Logo Evolution 1


  • Are skulls creative?

  • Cool but doesn’t say what I think you mean to say.

  • I don’t like that one.

Logo Evolution 2


  • That’s really interesting and has a lot of energy.

  • It’s kind of chaotic, which I guess is how creative work can be.

  • Sort of doesn’t remind me of being creative.

Logo Evolution 3


  • That’s exactly what I pictured when you told me about the podcast.

  • I like the color a lot.

  • The different fonts are interesting.

  • This is the best one, easily.

After a process that took about three weeks, we landed on our winner. It solved all of the attributes we were looking for. Organic not corporate, a little counter culture. Structured but visually interesting, readable. Now, who’s to say as we get this thing off the ground that we may not discover we need to expand the toolkit, depending on any unforeseen opportunities that may become available in the future (custom sneaker collab perhaps?). But for launch, we feel like we are in great shape.

Final Creative How Podcast Logo

How do you approach a logo rebrand for your business or clients?