Writers of all kinds have been hearing this for years: “Nobody reads.” It’s a sweeping generalization that is really, really fucking annoying. And there’s some truth to it. Also...I think it might be contagious.

Case in point:

I was recently working on a project that required the team to develop ideas for various pieces of video content. A guy I work with sent an email with a bunch of great ideas attached. He also wrote this in the body of the email: “I’m imagining these being intense, but no music (since no one listens anymore).” That last part is social media’s latest hacking away of tools used by creatives to deliver tone, feeling, story, etc.

I’m not on the verge of unleashing a diatribe about the evils of social media. What I am thinking about is the age-old and relentlessly unsolvable question of how to reach an audience with a dwindling attention span…and now an audience choosing not to use one of the five senses.

I mean, Jesus Christ…nobody listens anymore?!? Listening doesn’t even require you to do anything. Except tap, I guess. So tapping is our latest insurmountable obstacle.

I’ve thought a lot about this. It’s not really about sound in and of itself. The medium matters so much. Not every medium is right for every message, and that’s not news. But if social media is where most people are, and the tools in our tool box are decreasing, what do you do?

What are some things you’ve found to work well to grab your audience’s attention on social media? (I’m well aware there are media strategies, etc. involved, but I’m talking about the CREATIVE itself.)

Jed Jecelin